English Evening 2.0 on 17th November

Picks up what its predecessor, the first English Evening formerly hosted by Michael Jazzkulsky, whom we’ll be ever thankful for coming up with such a great idea, initiated. However, what is great must remain in Gießen, even though people leave 😉

English Evening 2.0 takes place every 3rd friday from 7pm til open end at Anschlussverwendung. Everybody is welcome to an English Evening of games, shared stories, music, interesting conversations on life, art, philosophy and anything you like. Welcome to all those who appreciate friendship and simply enjoy having a good time together!

Für alle, die eine der vielen Englisch Varianten der Welt sprechen, es lernen wollen, es vertiefen wollen, es als Lingua Franca nutzen oder einfach nur Spaß daran haben, die Sprache anzuwenden und neue nette Menschen kennen zu lernen. Die Veranstaltung ist kostenfrei.